4 Ways to Improve Your Home WiFi

For some, the quality of their home WiFi can deteriorate slowly without being noticed. For others, it is a constant struggle to make their signal as strong as possible and their connection faster. No matter which category you fall into, it is always a good idea to check your WiFi setup and to see whether you can make any changes that would improve your connection. Here are 4 things to consider when checking your home network:

1. Upgrade Your Equipment

Even though your WiFi equipment may appear to be working fine, the chances are that it is still due an upgrade. The newer your WiFi equipment is, the more chance that it is faster and more reliable. Often an update in equipment can allow for increased compatibility with other products, such as video cameras, printer servers and game adapters.

2. Move Your Router

Has your signal always been poor? Or has it only become weak after that cordless phone was purchased? Either way, moving your router to a better location is quick and easy way of optimizing your home WiFi. It is common to experience consistently reduced WiFi strength and connectivity when the signal has to pass through brick walls, down into basements, or up into attics and these problems can often be tackled with optimized router placement.

3. Upgrade Your Antenna

Sometimes optimized router placement is not enough to solve your WiFi connectivity issues, and in these cases it may be best to increase your signal strength. To do so, you can either upgrade the antenna on your router or install an additional device known as a repeater. The former is often the best option as the majority of routers have the ability to change antennas, but if yours does not you can always install a repeater instead.

4. Check Your Connection Using Other Devices

In some cases it is not necessarily the WiFi connection that is causing problems, but instead the actual devices used. To check this, compare the connectivity of multiple devices such as your phone, laptop, and desktop - you can even get others to test out their devices on your network too. Often one or two of the devices will show reduced connectivity and this will let you know if it is your router or your devices that need to be upgraded.

If you’re still having problems with your WiFi and network then get in touch with Cave Integration in Calgary today. We provide wholesale network solutions for businesses and individuals, and if you have a problem, we can fix it.