4K Reloaded & Connected - High-Definition TVs Gathering Momentum

Overview: Just like your living room, this year at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, televisions were front and centre with connected home systems not too far behind. Read the blog below for more information on the evolving 4K televisions and the emergence of connected homes.

The big news at the CES is the unified efforts in bringing 4K televisions (also referred to as Ultra HD) to the mainstream and increasing the content for them. 4K have 4,000 horizontal lines of vertical resolution, over twice the size of traditional 1080p High Definition televisions. There is no arguing the fact that 4K televisions have superior viewing detail and greater capacity for home theatre systems. The problem has always been that there is a lack of content that have 4K capabilities. Ultimately you need a movie recorded onto a 4K Blu-ray disc to properly enjoy a 4K television. The same goes for cable providers, they have to send signals that can support 4K systems. This lack of content has been a major reason why 4K haven’t taken off like their predecessors the 1080p High Definition televisions.

The lack of content did have one positive result for consumers, lower cost. The prices of Ultra HD televisions are down 85% from their initial launch 2 years ago. During Black Friday and September sales in Canadian stores like Future Shop and Best Buy have indicated that 40% of TV purchases were 4K and Ultra HD.

At last the future of 4K is as bright as its own picture quality! At the Consumer Electronics Show an alliance has been formed by companies like Sony, Samsung, Dolby, 20th Century Fox and others, called the UHD Alliance. In the past few years, various manufactures all tried to sign deals that would give them exclusive rights to 4K content, which made Ultra-HD a train wreck. With the UHD alliance, streamline options are going to be available to multiple manufacturers, providing the spark that 4K televisions need to catch fire. Recently Sony and Samsung joined forces in the gaming industry, where PS Now (Sony’s streaming game system) is made available on select Samsung televisions. This gives consumers greater options for choosing home entertainment systems. Companies like Netflix are increasing 4K content and cable providers are also working on having more Ultra-HD signals available to homes. The plans for increased devices and content that have the capability to play on a 4K television will increase sales of the Ultra HD platform. 4K televisions are predicted to account for 50% of televisions in homes in the US by 2016.

The smartphone meets the smart-home. Besides Ultra HD televisions the big news at the Consumer Electronics Show was the momentum that connected homes is gaining. There are a larger number of companies promoting products and systems from digital door locks to advanced thermostat controls. The smart-home gadgets have evolved into 2nd and 3rd generations, which means they have been tweaked and have had the bugs worked out. The advancements in connected-home products have made them user-friendly, updated designs and the installations have become less invasive. With Wi-Fi and smartphone capabilities, video security systems of homes can all be viewed and controlled via smartphones/tablets. The idea of high-tech smart-homes are not a passing trend, connected-homes will become standardized in the near future. According to SRG 30% of Canadians are interested in connected-home products and with tech giants investing in the smart-home lifestyle, the demand will only increase.

Bottom Line: The two biggest take aways from this year’s Consumer Electronics Show are the growth of 4K televisions and the emergence of connected-homes. Investments in Ultra HD and connected-home systems need more than just careful handling, you need to have them installed and you need to know how to get the maximum performance out of these state-of-the-art machines. Cave Integration can design a specific connected-home unique to your family. The team at Cave Integration can create your ultimate home entertainment system, transform your home to a connected-home and keep your home safe with a security system.

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