5 Steps for Security Surveillance Systems

At Cave Integration in Calgary, we are often asked what is involved in setting up a security system for your business, workplace or facility. Every security surveillance system that we install is unique from client to client; however, we do have a few steps we initially take to designing successful security systems.


After thoroughly examining your security needs, we will recommend what types of network cameras are needed for your facility. We have to take into consideration the following factors.

  • Are the cameras going to be used indoors or outdoors or both?
  • Pan/tilt/zoom requirements
  • Fixed dome cameras
  • Image quality

Many businesses fail to realize that digital video security systems operate at different levels of compression. Digital video and images are massive files, and need to be compressed or the installed network will fail to operate. We will advise on which products will offer the proper compression rate to fit the needs of your business.

Camera Management

From single a network camera to multiple cameras working simultaneously, they all need to be managed. Types of camera management include.

  • Video motion detection
  • Alarm triggered systems (based on sensors scheduled during off hours)
  • Frame rate control (increased recordings when there is motion activity)
  • Simultaneous Monitoring (multiple administrative users having access to video feed)


If the information contained can’t be saved or viewed, the best video camera systems are rendered useless. Digital video images contain large amounts of information, and high-definition recordings can require even larger storage spaces. We will determine what storage system is best suited for your business based on several factors that can range from, how long the video needs to be saved for and what frame rate is necessary.

Wireless Systems

With the advancements in wireless video surveillance, the days of wiring and invasive installations for buildings and facilities are over. Currently, there are many cameras that have built in wireless functionality, and can connect to networks with antennas or with an Ethernet port.

Network Design & Security

With multiple cameras working together and connected to servers, it’s important that we design a safe network for communications of all your security devices. In designing and securing your network, we explore the following questions.

  • How many IP cameras are installed?
  • Which type of network is used? Local area network? Metropolitan network area? Wide range networks?
  • Wired or wireless options?
  • New network or integrating an existing network?
  • Do we need to integrate or upgrade existing analog cameras?

At Cave Integration, we recognize that there are many logistics and steps involved in designing a video surveillance system to secure your business facility. It’s a process that we take seriously and execute with precision. Video surveillance systems can prevent theft and vandalism, and by securing your network, we can prevent any digital information from being accessed by hackers.

To find out more about how Cave Integration can design a superior video security system for your business, contact us in Calgary at 403-978-2580.