Cave Integration Announces Launch of Calgary Security Division

Calgary, March 5, 2015 – The innovators and industry leaders at Cave Integration in Calgary, Alberta are launching their new security division. Cave Integration’s mandate is to provide commercial and residential customers with security to protect their properties, along with keeping their confidential electronic information stored safely in the cloud.

The security industry has advanced exponentially in the past decade, mainly driven by the adoption of wireless installations and is now operated by network connections. The new high-tech security systems have presented a new wave of potential security breaches, primarily with infiltrating home Wi-Fi systems to gain access to personal information. Cave Integration realizes that intruders no longer have to break into a home to commit a crime; they can do that from a distance. The current problems with the industry are

  • inexperienced companies with little knowledge of the technology installing advanced alarms for homes and businesses.
  • simple human error leading to security breaches, which resulted from users who were not properly trained on how to use the installed security system.
  • installers doing half the job by failing to properly protect private information from the get-go and not following up with customers on how to keep that information secure. This ends up costing customers far more in the long run to retrofit their technology in order to build a safer system.

Common mistakes included not choosing secure passwords, weak login information, limited understanding of how the system operates and ignoring software updates.

Cave Integration remains on the cutting edge of all new technologies and contribute to the industry with their own security designs. As industry leaders, 403-978-2580 emphasize on training consumers on how to use home automation and security systems, by advising on passwords strengths, network security, software updates and implementing scheduled changes of login information. Cave Integration also tests the strength of all installed security systems of residential and commercial properties, ensuring that alarms are working and that cameras are recording with high-resolution quality. They will also test the strength of networks, ensuring that home automated devices, or any device connected to the Internet won’t allow a hacker to access to the system.

Cave Integration specializes in installing advanced security systems for commercial and residential use. With state-of-the-art technology, Cave Integration utilizes high-resolution security cameras, remote locking devices, smartphone capabilities, and safeguard network connections to keep properties safe. All security systems are installed and owners are fully trained on the entire range of devices.

To find out more about what Cave Integration can do for you, contact us in Calgary at 403-978-2580.