Audio Video Corporate Conference Etiquette

Now that Cave Integration has equipped your boardroom with state-of-the-art video conference capabilities, it’s time to have world class meetings from around the world. Discover the video conference etiquette that will act as the final piece to your successful call.


Don’t be running into the video conference at the last minute, be punctual. Introduce yourself and learn the name of all the participants in the meeting. Turn your cell phone off or have it on airplane mode, as unnecessary sounds from your smartphones are extremely distracting.

Equipment Check

Make sure all the audio visual equipment is operating and ensure that all the audio levels are at optimal settings. After audio checks are complete and the video conference has begun, speak clearly to ensure that everyone can hear you. If someone can’t hear you, avoid shouting into the microphone – instead adjust the microphone level.

Body Movement

Keep your hand movements to a minimum. If you use your hands to speak, practice in advance to keep that movement at a minimum. Animated hands flying in the air can be a distraction and take away from your presentation.

Pardon the Interruption

Don’t interrupt anyone that is presenting or speaking – it’s rude. Wait for an opening to enter the conversation. When someone else is talking, avoid having a sidebar with colleagues seated beside you, it can be distracting, besides, you wouldn’t carry on a side conversation if the boss was addressing the group in person.

Eye Contact

Not all your colleagues will be in the same room as you; however, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t keep eye contact with them. Keep your focus on the camera and avoid staring down at your computer or smartphone.

Dress Code

Leave the bright-loud Hawaiian shirts at home, and stick with light coloured clothing. Colours like red, white and black don’t transfer well on video conference feeds.


Be confident and have fun during your video conference. Be lively and use a few jokes to engage with colleagues that aren’t in the same room as you. The more engaging and lively you are, the greater the video conference experience will be for all parties.

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