Audio Video Solutions: Data Storage

The proof is in the pudding when it comes to video surveillance as a deterrent for crime and vandalism for your home or business. You might have a misconception when it comes to video surveillance; it’s not as simple as setting up a few cameras and pressing record. Unlike other security companies, Cave Integration in Calgary want you to know that image quality and video recording require specific storage capabilities.

Analog security cameras often recorded video on tape; however, digital rules the world and has become the be all and end all for the majority of surveillance recordings. Simply put, the higher the resolution, the greater storage capacity that is needed. Take for example, DVD versus Blu-ray. As great as the resolution DVD offered (720p) there was a major jump to Blu-ray discs, which offered high-definition images (1080p). Ultimately, Blu-ray offers more than 300 lines of resolution compared to DVD, but the Blu-ray disc also required greater storage capacity; the same can be applied to your video surveillance.

The storage capacity requirements for your home security system are based on your camera’s image resolution, frame rate and compression ratio. Often, home or business owners are not informed on how doubling the resolution means up to 4 times greater storage capacity. A security camera that records at an image resolution of 320x240 with a frame rate of an image per 2 seconds, based on a 7-day period, requires approximately 3.5 GB. Doubling the resolution to 640x480 will require up to 14 GB of storage.

At Cave Integration, we will go through, in detail, what storage capacity is needed for your security needs. Depending on your home or facility, motion detectors can often reduce storage capacity, because they only begin recording when they are triggered. In other scenarios, where your facility needs to record continuously throughout the week, you will need higher storage capacity, which may require you to routinely erase or dump data. It’s also important to note, that the higher the resolution and the usage of multiple cameras, will require greater bandwidth capabilities to upload all the information being recorded.

Video surveillance systems aren’t just simply setting up cameras and pressing record. Recorded videos are useless, if they can’t be uploaded or saved. At Cave Integration in Calgary, we have in-depth consultations with you before designing any video surveillance. We will determine and advise what storage capacities are needed to ensure that your home or business is kept safe.

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