Audio Visual Setup for Your Calgary Conference

Is the slow Calgary economy taking a toll on your business? Either way, the show must go on! If you’re planning a conference, it’s absolutely key to hire professionals to run your event. At Cave Integration, we have the experience in planning and running successful conferences, trade shows, global boardroom meetings and networking events.

Slow economy or not, it’s smart business practice to hire professionals to install and run your audiovisual equipment. The cost of having Cave Integration run your conference can be 20-40% cheaper than having a hotel do it. Furthermore, we are experienced in running a variety of conferences that span numerous industries.

What makes a successful conference and great user experience? The answer is, state-of-the-art audiovisual equipment and integrated systems. Communications devices like iBeacon are set to take conferences to a new level, where it can guide your clients around large facilities. The new iBeacon systems are integrated with LinkedIn, allowing for your invited guests to network and connect with potential business contacts.

No matter the size of your conference, you want to impress the attendees, and that means visual superiority. If the feel of your conference is similar to walking into a university lecture hall, you’re off to a bad start – it screams boring. At Cave Integration, we can install and run the following equipment for your event:

  • Projectors and screens
  • Big screen televisions
  • Lighting systems
  • Speaker systems
  • Microphone and mixers
  • iBeacon

Especially in conferences that deal with computer run systems, it’s important to have computer stations set up. Equally important is to have professional technicians that can operate the equipment, and in rare situations, fix any technical issues.

Your team and your business can greatly benefit by a well-thought-out conference and event setup, paired with a state-of-the-art audio visual presentation centre, installed by the experts at Cave Integration in Calgary. Call us today at 403-978-2580.