Axis Camera Success Story

If there was ever an industry that needs to be on the cutting edge of video surveillance, it’s the gaming industry, and in particular, casinos. Not only do casinos have to deal with liability issues, cheating, and theft, they also have to deal with strict regulations by the government concerning gaming surveillance. At Cave Integration our preferred choice for video surveillance is Axis cameras, which meets security needs for a variety of industries. Read the blog below to find out how Axis cameras were used in upgrading video surveillance at a casino in California.

A California based casino relocated in 2011 and during the second phase of construction decided they would benefit with IP based cameras versus the current analog system. The IP cameras had greater capabilities in capturing detailed images over card tables and had better control systems. Their security team decided to install Axis network cameras and video encoders. They also installed discretely placed dome cameras that functioned with high-definition resolution. Additional HDTV 1080p cameras with digital zoom capabilities were placed in locations throughout older areas of the casino, immediately updating its security level.

The casino now has a state-of-the-art video surveillance system that is easy to manage, smart and responsive. The high definition cameras allow security officials to see faces, cards, games, and chips in detail. Officials monitoring at an undisclosed location within the casino can have security guards react accordingly in real time to any situation on the gaming floor with minimal disturbance to patrons.

For securing a variety of facilities and events, here at Cave Integration we have full confidence in surveillance cameras from Axis, which have proven their success worldwide. If your company or facility requires the installation of a high-level security system, contact Cave Integration in Calgary today at 403-978-2580.