Boardroom Space Planning for Corporate Audio Visual Presentations

Your company or firm’s boardroom setup can greatly affect the effectiveness of your audiovisual presentations. Any boardroom presentation is greatly enhanced by audiovisual technology such as projection mapping, but without the right space planning for a proper boardroom setup, guests may not have the opportunity to properly see your stunning display of technology.

At Cave Integration, we can recommend the best options for your Calgary boardroom audiovisual setup. Here are a few examples of how your boardroom configuration can improve your guests’ viewing experience.

The U-shape boardroom

A U-shape is a great boardroom configuration to maximize the number of people who can see your audiovisual presentation space in a smaller area. For extra large boardrooms, consider a double-U-shape for even more participants. This configuration allows attendees to have face-to-face discussions while all having sightlines to the audiovisual area.

The sideways boardroom

Setting up the boardroom lengthwise so the long side of the table faces the audiovisual presentation area helps allow more people to view the screen and presenter. The downfall is that this setup limits the number of people who can be involved to the number of chairs that can fit along one side and both ends of the table.

The classroom configuration

This setup involves having multiple tables in your boardroom with the chairs on the side of each table opposite from your audiovisual presentation space. Having several shorter tables set up in a V format gives greater sightlines to the presentation area. However, larger meetings might require too many rows, forcing some members to sit behind others, which isn’t ideal for a team-like atmosphere.

The clusters configuration

Having smaller-sized tables grouped together in clusters helps boost group participation, and arranging chairs around one side of each table, plus the ends, can maximize sightlines to the audiovisual screen. However, it puts restrictions on the number of people who can fit in the space and might limit discussion between participants at each table cluster.

Your team and your business can greatly benefit by a well-thought-out boardroom setup, paired with a state-of-the-art audiovisual presentation centre, installed by the experts at Cave Integration in Calgary. Call us today at 403-978-2580.