Calgary Security Cameras: Why You Need A Professional Installation

Overview: If you're in need of a Calgary Security Camera installation, then you may be interested to find out that there's plenty of things that can go wrong if you try and do the job yourself. In this blog we'll find out more about what security and surveillance cameras are, what they do, and an example of what can go wrong when you don't get a professional installation.

What Are Security Cameras and What Types Are There?

Security or surveillance cameras are a type of camera that is used by homes and businesses to monitor and record footage of their property. The footage can be used as evidence to convict criminals, as a deterrent, or both. Most commercial and residential properties will use multiple cameras to cover as many angles as possible. There are a variety of different types of surveillance cameras available for the different uses that commercial and residential customers have. For example, for some businesses, analog CCTV cameras may still provide all the required features. However, for many homeowners nowadays, the flexibility of the IP Camera often makes it the best choice.

Do You Need To Get a Professional Installation?

In short, yes! While the advancements in technology we're seeing nowadays are making surveillance cameras more user-friendly than ever before, there is still plenty of room for error.

As an example, let's take a look at the fictional case of John the homeowner and Dave the store owner. John has decided to install his new security cameras himself as he has a bit of technical experience, and come on, how hard can it be? On the other hand, Dave is a busy man and knows these things are best left to the professionals. Instead of trying to do it himself, Dave has decided to enlist the help of a professional security camera installer to get the job done.

John sets aside a weekend to get everything set-up but by Sunday evening he has only managed to plan where he wants to mount the cameras! He's busy during the week so he'll have to wait till next weekend to do more work. Meanwhile, Dave has given a security camera installation company a call and arranged for them to come in on one of his store's quieter days. Within a day or two of them arriving his surveillance camera system is all setup and working, and the installers even gave him a quick run down on how to operate things properly.

After a couple of weekends spent looking over confusing instructions and manuals, along with a couple of sore thumbs, John has finally managed to set is system up.

However, disaster hits three days later both Dave and John have break-ins. Dave's store was broken into at night but after following his installers' instructions, he was easily able to locate high-quality footage of the incident to provide to the police as evidence. Thanks to the footage the perpetrators were arrested and Dave got his goods back. On the other hand, it took John a whole evening of fiddling with his system to find out that the most important camera wasn't recording properly and that he had no footage of the break-in. As a result, the police had no leads to the criminal and John was left no better off than he was without cameras installed.

The moral of the story? It's simply not worth trying to install your security system yourself! Even if you do manage it, the process will take a lot longer than it would for a professional and you can never be 100% sure that everything is properly set up.

Bottom Line: In this blog we've taken a look at what security cameras are and why it's so important to have a professional to install them. The cases of John and Dave show that no matter how technically literature you may be, you'll still end up wasting your time trying to install your camera without any guarantee that you're even doing it right! Even if everything appears to be working as planned, it just takes one small feature to be no working for the whole system to become redundant. This might be a risk you're willing to take with some recreational appliance, like your new flat screen or computer, but for something that is intended to keep you, your family, or your business safe, getting a professional installation should be your only consideration.

At Cave Integration, we provide Calgary with exceptional security camera and surveillance system installations. To find out more about how we can help you provide your home or business with a high-quality surveillance solution, contact us today on 403-978-2580 .

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