Commercial Audio Visual Tips: How to Set-up a Video Conference Room

In the Stone Age, business meetings took place on the golf course. But ladies and gentleman, it’s 2015 and video conferencing is the preferred choice for connecting corporate offices and businesses around the world. Cave Integration has a few tips to get the best out of your Calgary video conferences.

Microphone Levels

“What did she say? I can’t hear anything!” It’s not a recording studio, it’s a boardroom and the sound captured depends on two factors: quality and the placement of microphones. It’s surprising how many conference rooms have microphones placed beside or near loud active vents. Equally ridiculous are setups that go to great lengths to hide microphones so they don’t appear on camera, possibly to create a sleek aesthetic. However, you’re not recording a conversation between mafia bosses, it’s okay for the microphones to be visible. The best placement for a microphone in a video conference call is the centre of the table or close to the people speaking.


Cave Integration recommends placing cameras at eye level using proper room cameras that capture the entire scope of the people in attendance. The quality of your camera cannot be emphasized enough. If you’re using a webcam for your video conference, we can only hope that it’s a one-on-one meeting. Webcams are designed to capture images of one person sitting close to the camera, whereas a room camera will engage with everyone in the meeting.


You’ve put a lot of time and money into a state-of-the-art audio visual setup in your conference room, so keep the meetings professional and practice proper etiquette. Now that you know where to place cameras and microphones, be weary of eating or making any excessive noise that will distract colleagues on the other side of the screen. In rare cases, when your video conference has technical issues, keep your composure while techs solve the problem. Cave Integration always educates clients on how to use the high-tech equipment, so you can navigate smoothly during your video conferences and can easily troubleshoot any glitches that may occur.


You’re not installing a new stereo system for your room; your professional business requires professional installation of audio visual equipment. Cave Integration believes that the appropriate video conference system begins at the design stage by comprehensively examining your conference room. Wiring, connectivity, wall mounting, speakers, placements of cameras and microphones are all key factors in installing a modern video conference system. Installations of audio visual equipment must be both functional and aesthetically pleasing.

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