Commercial Security Success Stories: Axis Cameras

At Cave Integration in Calgary, our first choice in camera products for security systems is Axis. Axis produces high quality security cameras that have high-definition resolution, advanced network connection, pan/tilt/zoom capabilities and remote accessibility. Video surveillance of sites using Axis cameras installed by Cave Integration helps prevent break-ins, deter vandalism, secure inventory and increases employee safety. Recently, Axis cameras were utilized in the Grey Cup Festival and the construction of a fish farm in British Columbia.

The recent Grey Cup Festival in Regina posed potential security risks, as over 240,000 people would enjoy the four-day event. An event as large as the Grey Cup Festival would have large numbers of family in attendance and required reliable security. This is where Axis cameras came into play. With over 32 network cameras installed to monitor the event, the majority of which were connected via Ethernet to a mobile site where security officials could monitor in real time. To fill even greater security requirements in a busier area of the festival, several cameras were connected wirelessly. The cameras used for the Grey Cup Festival included the following:

  • High definition resolution
  • Pan/tilt/zoom domes
  • Thermal units
  • Real time monitoring

The festival didn’t have a single security incident; the success of the security system was attributed to the advanced video surveillance and the emphasis on alerting the public to the presence of cameras.

The versatility of Axis cameras means they are not landlocked, they are great at security for a floating facility constructed on water. A company in Comox, B.C, had a challenging request of monitoring the construction of a vital fish farm. There were two types of Axis cameras installed: a fixed camera and a network camera that had pan/tilt/zoom capabilities. The network camera was used to adjust views and angles remotely to monitor the four fish tanks, which would frequently be moved. The cameras had the ability to produce 1080p high definition resolution images and time-lapse videos, all of which could be easily stored in the cloud. The remote access and monitoring of the fish farm eliminated the four hours of commute time for employees to retrieve video footage.

For securing a variety of facilities and events, here at Cave Integration we have full confidence in surveillance cameras from Axis. If your company or facility requires the installation of a high-level security system, contact Cave Integration in Calgary today at 403-978-2580.