Common Home Security Cameras

Home surveillance cameras are a great way of making your home a safe and secure place. From IP cameras to bullet cameras there’s something for everyone, but sometimes the sheer number of options available can make it hard to find the right camera for you. In this blog, we’ve given a few common home surveillance cameras a short explanation to help you decide what type of camera is best for your home.

Bullet Cameras

These are generally bullet shaped CCTV security cameras that are mounted on either a wall or ceiling. These cameras often only capture video of a specific area and they generally do not have the ability to zoom or pan.

IP Cameras

IP cameras capture HD security footage and they can be either hardwired or wireless. IP cameras use an Internet network to transmit their video and the information captured can be viewed on any computer that has access to the Internet. One of the main benefits of an IP camera is that they have the ability to produce such high quality footage.

Dome Cameras

These cameras have a unique shape that is intended to make them visible, but not overwhelming. This is important for business security scenarios where surveillance presence must deter criminals but not customers. The subtle presence of these cameras may even make customers feel more comfortable knowing they are being protected.

Outdoor Cameras

These cameras are mainly distinguished by their resistant housings and they are designed to withstand the rigours of weather, dirt and other factors that would affect the camera’s performance outdoors.

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