Completing the Home Theatre Experience: PS Now on Smart TV’s.

Overview: Home entertainment services are evolving fast. Sony’s PlayStation Now game streaming service is minimizing hardware and creating virtual libraries of games available at your fingertips. Read the blog below to find out how to complete your gaming and entertainment experience at home.

The PlayStation Now (PS Now) is making like Netflix when it comes to streaming video games. You no longer need to buy a game console or mountains of hardware worth of video games because PS Now brings a virtual library to your television. All that is needed is a strong Internet connection and the DualShock 4 for gameplay. The DualShock 4 remote is connectable in two ways, either the micro-USB (hardwire) or via Bluetooth (wireless) both of which are standardized technology. The PS Now is another addition to home entertainment systems that many families are investing in.

The big news concerning PS Now is that the streaming of games will now be available to select Samsung smart televisions. With entertainment technology evolving at an incredible speed, it was just a matter of time until competing companies were going to combine partnerships to have greater integration of different systems like gaming. The PS Now is going to be available to Samsung in 2015, allowing consumers more options on what smart televisions to purchase and choosing products that will satisfy specific needs. Families that prefer the Samsung Curved Smart LED to Sony’s 4K televisions don’t have to factor in PS Now as an option, since it will be available for both.

The standard central piece of any home entertainment system is the television. By combining video games with a smart TV, a family is reducing the extra costs of hardware by not having to purchase an expensive gaming console. The PS Now and its abilities to play PlayStation games on smart TV’s complete your home theatre experience. You might find that you don’t play video games enough to warrant buying the PS4, but when friends, family or kids come over to your home, they still have the luxury of streaming games off of the television. Another luxury in this complete home theatre experience is the ability to stream a variety of games at any time, of any day. You don’t have to run out to the store and rummage through aisles of video games on a cold day, because you can browse through the available games on PS Now all from the comfort of your home. Your home theatre is not just limited to high definition movies. Video on demand platforms like iTunes and Netflix has brought an abundance of movies available to families instantly. Majority of smart TV’s also have Skype built in for video conversations and you can also use it to view YouTube. It makes sense to take advantage of PS Now on smart TV’s and add it to the host of available entertainment options that the entire family can enjoy.

Bottom Line: With companies like Sony allowing their successful video game streaming app to be integrated on Samsung smart televisions, consumers are reaping the rewards. You’re no longer limited to purchasing a Sony television to enjoy gaming. With the combination of television and video game play, you don’t have to purchase expensive hardware like the gaming console or the loads of physical video games that clutter households. The PS Now satisfies the needs of the casual gamer and the hardcore gamer. The television is the focal point of your home theatre experience, but great home theatres have you surrounded! The team at Cave Integration can build, setup and customize your home entertainment system with all the latest technology. Book a consultation with Cave Integration and they will show you how they can maximize your home entertainment experience.

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