Goodyear Canada: Another Axis Camera Success Story

The Goodyear manufacturing plant in Ontario is a mecca for tire production and covers approximately 800,000 square feet of space. The plant runs 365 days a year and produces 1,900 tires on a daily basis. The facility is a major hub of activity with many people coming and going, and this had made security surveillance that much more important. At Cave Integration, our preferred camera of choice is Axis, and we weren’t surprised to hear how Axis cameras were used to secure the Goodyear plant in Ontario.

The gates of the Goodyear facility were located half a kilometre from the facility and to prevent any security breaches, officials wanted to monitor all individuals that entered. The problem was, there are over 750 employees and contractors that work at the plant daily. In addition to workers, there are daily deliveries, exporting trucks, and other visitors that pass through the gates. Goodyear wanted to have camera capabilities that could identify all individuals by face and to have the ability to capture all license plates from vehicles. Furthermore, Goodyear wanted to be able to monitor all the video surveillance from inside the plant, half a kilometre away from the gate.

The complexity involved in securing an entrance gate with major activity daily meant that a high-performance camera would need to be installed. The solution was the Axis 214 pan/tilt/zoom camera. The Axis 214 PTZ is a network camera, which allows the video feed to be sent wirelessly to inside the plant, where security officials monitored images in real time, and stores all data in the cloud. The upgrade to the Axis 214 PTZ allowed security officials to identify all people wanting to enter the facility. The Axis cameras also had clear images of all license plates and other identifying markers, such as company decals on trucks.

For securing a variety of facilities and events, here at Cave Integration we have full confidence in surveillance cameras from Axis, which have proven their success worldwide. If your company or facility requires the installation of a high-level security system, contact Cave Integration in Calgary today at 403-978-2580.