Home Automation Trends in Calgary: Making Your Sprinkler System Work for You

So far, March in Calgary hasn’t brought on the spring-like weather we always hope for. Still, March is the right time for Calgarians to start thinking about the warmer months and how to save money – and help the environment – this year. One of the top ways to accomplish this is through home automation, which can control your sprinkler system remotely, potentially saving you money on your water bill, plus helping you reduce wasted water.

Automatic sprinkler systems are a great concept, but unfortunately, several older systems don’t work like they were promised to. Even sprinkler systems that say they can read the humidity in the ground and the air to decide whether to water your lawn often get it wrong, watering the grass just after it rains or failing to water when the past week has been hot and dry.

Thanks to home automation technology, you won’t have to worry about your automatic sprinkler system going off when it shouldn’t. Having a system installed that’s connected to your smartphone allows you to turn off the sprinkler if it’s raining, even if you’re at the office or out of the house. Further, if you forgot to turn the sprinkler system on before leaving the house, you can use your smartphone to tell your sprinklers to water the lawn from afar.

Some systems today can even be connected to online weather forecasting systems, which predict whether or not it will rain that day and tell your sprinkler system to act accordingly.

With this system, not only will you benefit from being able to water your lawn only when it’s needed, but you’ll also enjoy a high level of convenience mixed with a lush, green lawn all summer.

Having your underground sprinkler system controlled by your smartphone is just one more way you can take advantage of the array of home automation technology and the Internet of Things to make your homework better and smarter overall.

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