Home Theatre Installations: Your Home Is Your Castle

Screens. Speakers. Automation Control. They’re the Big 3 that your home theatre system needs. If you can imagine it, Cave Integration in Calgary will design and install it! The current trend in home theatre systems is sleek-clean designs, no big entertainment centres and no bulky speakers that look like you’re at a Metallica concert.

Your Movie Screen

Your flat screen is the centre of your home theatre universe and with technology that only existed in the movies a decade ago – your screen can literally be in motion. Major renovations are prime-time opportunity to have an ultra-futuristic home theatre system installed. You can have movie screens that are built into walls or hidden from view, unveiling a grand entrance for your guests when entertaining. Imagine an evening with friends at your home, and with the press of a button, your movie screen appears from underneath the floor or from behind a wall! Everyone will be blown away by your home theatre system before the screen is even turned on. Home entertainment is not just limited to the living room; it can be applied to any room in your house. You can have bedrooms with under-bed lifts, where a TV is stored under a king or queen size bed, and works similarly like a convertible top. When activated, your screen appears at the foot of your bed and when you fall asleep, it quietly retracts.

The Sound & the Fury

Cave Integration can create simple, futuristic and clean designs that don’t show off big tower speakers at the sides of your movie screen. Speakers are all about surround sound and are not meant to distract from the screen. Cave Integration can install speakers that blend into and enhance the aesthetics of your home. We build speakers right into the walls, where they are heard and not seen. Keeping with clean designs, the wiring for speakers and HDMI cables for screens also need to be out of view. Running it along floor trim can easily hide your system’s wiring or underneath carpets and even fed through the ceiling.

Finger Touch Control

You have remote controls for TVs, receivers, Blu-Ray players and your cable box. Where does it end? It might feel like you need a separate storage area and a pile of batteries just to maintain all of them. Home-automation replaces your existing remotes and embodies all the electronics in your home. With a single touch, you can dim the lights, warm up the house, have your movie screen pop up out of the floor and start playing your favourite Blu-Ray, all to your preferred sound settings. Your home is your castle and you are Lord of the Manor.

Enjoy streaming services like Netflix in style, with a simple, futuristic and clean home theatre system installed by the experts at Cave Integration. Contact us today in Calgary at 403-978-2580.