How Your Electronics Can Save You Money – Audio Video Tips

Overview: All the new and exciting electronic gadgets you got over the festive period will no doubt keep you entertained for hours, but have you thought about how much they will cost you? “Nothing!” you say, “I got them as gifts!” and that's the last you'll think of it. But with technology becoming more powerful each year, all these gadgets require a serious amount of energy to keep them going and this can result in a surprising electricity bill at the end of the month. In this blog we'll find out more on how you can reduce your electricity bills without stopping you enjoying your new toys.

With tougher times ahead, everyone could do with a bit of extra cash and one of the easiest ways of doing this is streamlining your electricity usage. You may think this involves not watching as much TV or eating in the dark but this is not the case. Saving money on your energy bill simply involves being smart about the devices you use and how you use them. Here are some ways that you can get your audio video devices to save you money.


TVs use a large amount of power, especially with the technical 4K and UHD models available now. But saving power doesn't have to mean leaving your TV in its box and by taking a few simply precautions you can take a considerable amount of money of your bill. Just like Smartphone, the brightness on your TV plays a large role in energy consumption. If you have your brightness turned up on your phone, the battery drains noticeably quicker, and this effect is magnified with the huge screens of modern TVs. Most people watch TV at night or at least in a darkened room so take the time to play with the brightness settings and find a setting that balances viewing experience with energy consumption. You may even do your eyes a favour while you're at it!

Streaming Services

Are you a big fan of Netflix? If so, how do you watch it? If you regularly enjoy your favourite TV shows and movies using a games console like an Xbox or PlayStation then you could be throwing money away. These devices using up to 20 times more energy to stream video services like Netflix or YouTube when compared to many smaller and sometimes cheaper alternatives, like Chromecast, Fire TV Sticks, Roku, or Apple TV. You might even have a direct stream option through your TV, especially if its a relatively new model.

Game Consoles

Gaming can be great fun, but all those HD graphics require some serious power. Make sure you shut them down fully when they're not in use and don't be tempted to only turn off the monitor.

Standby Modes

A standby mode is when a device is turned off, but still shows a red light, and this is what most people understand as “turning off.” But did you know that some devices still use power when on standby? If you're ever out of town for more than a day it can a good idea to unplug as many power hungry devices as you can, just in case. Even if each device only uses a little power when on standby, factor in all your phones, chargers, mp3 players, iPads, 4K TVs, PlayStations, Laptops, printers, routers and speakers (to name but a few) and over the course of a week's vacation, it will all add up.

Bottom Line: With the economy slowing down, everybody could do with saving a loonie or too. A great and easy way to do this is by keeping tabs on your electronic devices and how long they're on for. With devices becoming faster and more technical than ever, the need for energy is also growing and even small actions can make a big difference when it comes to your electricity bill. There's no need to sacrifice your enjoyment either, as the measures outlined in this blog can be easily incorporated into your daily schedule without too much disruption. The best part? Not only will you save money on your energy bill, you'll also be doing the environment a favour!

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