IP Cameras: The Future of Surveillance

For many, the thought of surveillance cameras conjures up images of old bulky CCTV cameras that record grainy footage. If you ever needed to use the camera’s recordings you would have to search through this grainy footage only to find that the lighting was poor and that you couldn’t see a thing. But thanks to IP cameras, this is no longer the case.

IP (Internet Protocol) cameras are a type of surveillance device that have been developing rapidly in recent years. The cameras differ from conventional CCTV in that they provide a live stream of footage that can be accessed from any computer with Internet access. IP cameras also have a unique range of applications – their live streams can be used for security, for information, or for general monitoring. For example, if you run a business you could use an IP camera to provide your employees with a live stream of your stock department, or to provide your customers with an up-to-date website stream of how busy the parking lot is.

Unlike surveillance cameras in the past, IP cameras excel in their flexibility and multi-usage. Your camera could be used to keep track of pets left in the house, or simply as a regular security device, and the information recorded can be accessed in either real-time or later. With IP cameras, the Internet revolution has given video surveillance the technological boost it’s been waiting for.

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