Keeping Your Home Network Safe

You’ve got to hand it to modern day thieves, they sure are tech savvy. Many modern-day thieves prefer to steal valuable information from your home network, gain access to bank accounts and generally compromise other private information. Cave Integration can’t emphasize enough that keeping your home network safe is now just as important as keeping your home physically safe, and we encourage you to take the following considerations.

Passwords & Usernames

Often when setting up your home network, people don’t change the router's default password and username, and this is an invitation for hackers to wreak havoc on your life. The manufacturer of your router has a webpage that will allow you to enter and change this information. The anxiousness of setting up the internet for your home is a prime reason why you may forget to change the defaults. We also recommend changing passwords routinely, not only for your home network but for your home security system as well.


This one might seem simple, but once again, in the excitement of setting up computers and Internet connections, you may forget to enable firewalls on your computers. Most modern network routers have firewalls built into them, but for them to work they too need to be enabled. If you have the Internet of Things in your home, like appliances, remember the router is the only line of defence for these devices. To further protect the information on your computer, you can install and operate personal firewall software that can be purchased and downloaded.

Router Position

You’ve probably noticed your neighbours' Wi-Fi signal as an available network to connect to, and that means they’re more than likely able to connect to your router. As we’ve already mentioned, it’s important to have passwords enabled to prevent anyone from connecting to your network; however, limiting the reach of your signal won’t give hackers the chance to exploit your home network. To minimize the reach of the signal going outdoors, place the router near the middle of your home. You’ll have strong connections for all your devices throughout your home and at the same time, the signal won’t be available from across the street.

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