Modernize Your Commercial Audio Video Set-up with Projection Mapping

Picasso style cubism was transformed and projected into an audio visual spectacle that was the Super Bowl half time show. At Super Bowl XLIX projection mapping had its coming out party and here at Cave Integration, we believe that the technology can be utilized in not just entertainment but in Calgary boardrooms too.

Projection mapping takes video and displays it on any two or three-dimensional surface that can act as a screen. Essentially, audio/video setups are tweaked to create illusions in time and space, and for Katie Perry, that meant creating a warping chess board fit for Bobby Fisher. For your boardroom, projection mapping means an entirely new way to hold presentations for executives and clients. Portraying any information or selling a business pitch won’t be limited to a flat screen using power point. Imagine transforming the surface space of your boardroom table into a high-end sales pitch. The technology is here to be used and in a competitive business market, it’s vital to have an edge. Utilize elements like high-definition video and audio to keep everyone’s attention, versus simply moving from one image to another in your presentation deck, hoping nobody falls asleep.  

High tech software like D3 Media Server has radically changed how artists and musicians perform in concerts. Entertainers that stand in front of screens that display slideshow-like video are outdated. Projection mapping technology combines performers and artists to engage in an almost symbiotic relationship with the video illusions on stage. Imagine standing on a stage that has projection mapped a video of a suspension bridge high in the mountains and in the next moment, the walkway has disappeared. As a performer, you have to react to falling into an abyss and then readjust to being saved as the audio-visual expert produces a new image that has you falling into a gigantic box of pillows.

Now we know what you’re thinking, your office doesn’t have a 50-yard line or a gigantic lion, à la Katie Perry to show financial statements from 2014. We’re not suggesting you need to visually project reports on a 3D trapezoidal screen, but Cave Integration believes that commercial audio visual presentations in the boardroom can be enhanced with state-of-the-art equipment.

New business pitches are won on how presentations are executed in the boardroom. Your team can be extremely knowledgeable and talented, but if the presentation is audio-visually underwhelming, your pitch is doomed to fail. Modern offices want wireless systems with screens where audio and video capabilities are accessible from tablets or smartphones. Even when it comes to monthly numbers and bottom lines, the medium is visual. Projection mapping is becoming more affordable and available for businesses to use. In the event that your company prefers that the accounting department present statements on complex geometric shapes, Cave Integration will easily accommodate the installation.

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