Office Space, the Final Frontier

Time and Space. It’s no longer an existential discussion. It’s become a spatial challenge for modern offices that require commercial audiovisual solutions. The archetypal view of offices has changed in the last decade, with cubicles and old-school floor plans disappearing. New office plans include wide open spaces with central hubs similar to the atmosphere of modern kitchens/living rooms. The challenge lies in how to fit audiovisual equipment into this new aesthetic. Cave Integration is your solution when it comes to integrating your office with audiovisual equipment.

Offices and residential homes should show some similarities in design. For example, a popular trend in homes today is having flat screens built into the walls. In your office, having a flat screen which protrudes three inches from the wall may seem bulky and doesn’t fit a sleek aesthetic. Boardrooms no longer need speakers installed into the ceilings above. The current style is to have sound bars installed underneath the main screen, matching the modern aesthetic while providing ample sound.

Cave Integration is working with offices that have limited space and don’t want a room dedicated to computer and audiovisual equipment. This is where the importance of design comes in for us. We need to survey your office space and, in many cases, the solution is to integrate equipment into your furniture and maximize the space that is available.

By transformation the look of offices, Cave Integration is thinking outside the box to ensure your workplace has the proper audiovisual and computer equipment installed without compromising your design. To install and integrate state-of-the-art audiovisual equipment into your modern 2015 office, contact Cave Integration today in Calgary at 403-978-2580.