Projectors and Flat Screens: Your 2015 Boardroom

The iconic boardroom, there is nothing like it. For a brief period in the 90’s, decisions were being made on the golf course; however, the boardroom has once again become the key venue for business pitches and meetings. During any pitch or presentation in your boardroom, you want all attendees to be able to see all the visual images and video. A glare on the screen or a screen that’s too small can make even the best pitch seem mundane. Continue reading this blog as Cave Integration looks at how your boardroom needs to be installed with optimal audiovisual equipment.


You have two methods available for video conferencing in your boardroom, flat screens and projectors. Modern high-tech projectors do offer high-definition video images and have a larger viewing screen; however, there are a few factors that need to be considered when using projectors as your visual medium. Glare from your boardroom’s lights and windows can lower image quality significantly. To overcome possible glares, you need a projector that has high lumens, which brightens the image against the ambient light of the boardroom. It’s important to note that, projectors with higher lumens ratio, tend to be more expensive.

Flat Screens

The ambient light from your boardroom will have little to no effect on the quality of an installed flat screen. We recommend that you install a screen of 60-72 inches or at the minimum of 52 inches. A flat screen for your business is going to have different demands than the one in your living room. Remember, you’re not showing a Star Wars Blu-ray to executives; you need a screen that has multiple capabilities, which include:

  • Videoconferencing
  • Access via tablet/smartphone
  • Power Point
  • Internet

At Cave Integration we’re seeing a growing need for multiple screens and monitors installed in the boardroom. The effectiveness of dual monitors at the office desk is just as effective for conference room meetings. PowerPoint, videoconferencing, informative graphs and meeting itineraries can all be viewed on different screens at the same time.

Your boardroom and the subsequent pitches that are hosted there, can affect your bottom line. Your team and your business can greatly benefit by a well-thought-out boardroom setup, paired with state-of-the-art audiovisual equipment, installed by the experts at Cave Integration in Calgary. Call us today at 403-978-2580