Security Camera Success Story of the Week: A Hamilton Car Wash

It’s not often that a security camera success story can include a number like an 80% reduction in crime – but that’s been the case at a car wash in Hamilton, Ontario, since having an Axis security camera system installed.

The Red Hill Car Wash already had cameras installed, but they were on an analog system that had limited playback capabilities, which kept the car was owner from being able to properly review the footage and identify suspects or people scoping the area. The video quality was poor and hardly had any remote access capabilities.

A fellow car wash owner in Hamilton recommended that Red Hill get Axis security cameras installed, and so they did. Almost immediately, the car wash owner was able to properly identify suspects, review high-resolution footage remotely – even from his smartphone – and easily play back footage with a much simpler stop-and-start function for the video.

Nineteen IP security cameras were installed at multiple locations at the car wash, which is about an acre in size. The installation focused on the car bays, garage and cleaning vacuums.

The result was, as earlier stated, an 80% reduction in vandalism and attempted theft at the car wash. Thanks to extremely clear video evidence, the owner was equipped with evidence in order to call police for crimes caught on tape.

An added bonus of the camera installation was that the owner was better able to review his employees’ performance on the job and could identify and tackle training and customer service issues he hadn’t noticed before. The result? An increase in customer traffic and satisfaction, as well as the ability to supply customers and regulators documentary evidence of the goings-on at the car wash.

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