The Many Benefits of iBeacon Technology

Everything has moved online, including advertisements and coupons, and businesses need to move with the curve of technology – simply having a website is not enough, it’s the standard. Furthermore, we are becoming an app-based world. We want information and communications in the form of an app icon on our phones and iBeacon technology is providing this by interacting with customers in a revolutionary new way. Cave Integration, based in Calgary, believes that installing new communication devices for your business will keep you relevant and allow you to meet the modern demands of consumers.

You need foot traffic and a means to get potential customers into your store. There are several advantages to installing iBeacon for your small business. First and foremost, the technology is user-friendly and easy to set up. It’s a medium that efficiently sends advertisements, information on sales, and announces new products, just to name a few. The iBeacon utilizes Bluetooth communications over GPS and Wi-Fi systems. The benefits of Bluetooth include fewer energy requirements (batteries don’t get drained) and greater navigation capabilities within large facilities, such as shopping centres. The information you choose to send over the iBeacon is an extension of your marketing plan, and the information received on cell phones guides potential costumers directly to your sales floor.

The iBeacon needs to be placed either somewhere in your store or on the street nearby. Your advertisements will be sent via Bluetooth to apps on cell phones when received, customers will notice an alert on their mobile device, and can then begin to venture down to your business. The range in which the signal can be received is determined by the settings on customers' cell phones.

Cave Integration believe that the real estate motto of “Location, location, location!” equally applies to your small business, and direct communication with cell phones is close to your location is vital to get consumers into your store.

To find our more about how Cave Integration can give your small business an edge with customer interaction, contact us in Calgary on 403-978-2580.