The Many Uses of Axis Surveillance Cameras

The quality of the video surveillance camera you install is vital to protecting your business assets. When it comes to installing security systems for businesses, the preferred product line that Cave Integration in Calgary uses is Axis cameras. Axis has a variety of surveillance cameras that fill a wide range of security needs. Axis cameras have been used across the globe in security designs from museums to critical infrastructure sites and large conference venues.


Copenhagen is home to the National Gallery of Denmark, where the gallery boasts an extensive collection of priceless art. In addition to the volume of artwork, the gallery employs over 100 staff and thousands of people walk through the museum every year. A facility of this size and importance has security needs that include preventing theft and vandalism and protecting the public and employees. The National Gallery of Denmark used approximately 60 Axis network cameras to monitor all areas of the gallery and the cameras were managed with advanced security software. The museum initially had analog cameras, most of which were replaced and others were easily integrated with the new security system.

Energy Sector

An energy company in Finland that produces electricity has a number of large complicated facilities that had an outdated video surveillance system. In designing a new video surveillance system, the energy company determined that they required an IP-based camera system that could record images at a high resolution. The solution was to install Axis cameras. The energy company was able to use remote surveillance to monitor all their distant electrical and heating plants.


An award-winning British designer recently redesigned the former Hyde Park Hotel in London. The newly designed hotel required a security system that was both effective and discreet. The hotel company wanted to ensure security for employees, guests and conference attendees. After extensive research, the hotel decided on IP-based security video surveillance that would include up to five different types of Axis cameras. The hotel is able to monitor the public areas of the hotel 24/7, with a managed security system that provides high-resolution images. In addition to ensuring security for everyone in the hotel, the installed Axis cameras have been used by hotel staff to excel in customer service.

For securing a variety of facilities and events, here at Cave Integration we have full confidence in surveillance cameras from Axis, which have proven their success worldwide. If your company or facility requires the installation of a high-level security system, contact Cave Integration in Calgary today at 403-978-2580.