WARNING: You Need To Update Your IP Camera Password NOW!

Overview: The world of Internet Protocol Cameras, or IP Cameras, has been turned on its head recently after a site was discovered to be streaming footage from thousands of cameras from around the world. How can you make sure that your camera isn't affected? Read the blog below to find out more.

A website has been recently discovered live streaming footage from IP Cameras all around the world, including thousands in North America alone. The site,, is showing over 70,000 IP Camera streams in what it says is meant “to show the importance of the security settings [of IP Cameras].”

How Did The Site Access These Cameras?

IP Cameras are a fantastic piece of technology that allow you to view and monitor your camera's footage from anywhere, provided you have access to the Internet. Cameras are normally protected by a default username and password which is then changed by the user to something more secure. However, as this site has demonstrated, thousands of users don't change this information! By using usernames and passwords like “admin:12345” or “admin:admin,” has gained access to every frame these cameras capture.

What Kind of Scenes Do The Cameras Show?

The site is showing cameras from all over the world, including Canada, United States, China, Russia, UK, and many more. Locations include shops, bedrooms, living rooms, cafes, malls, and industrial facilities, and many of these locations have GPS information attached showing exactly where they are. If you have an IP Camera and haven't changed the password then there's a good chance you're broadcasting your camera's feed to the whole Internet!

How Can I Make Sure My Camera is Not Being Shown?

The creators of make it clear that the site is intended to highlight this vulnerability, and that the only way of ensuring your camera does not appear on the site is by changing your default password settings. If you haven't already, you should immediately check all your security cameras and make sure none of them still use their default passwords. The upside is that this is something you should have already done, so if you're still using the default passwords for your equipment, it's about time you changed it!

Is Wrong To Show These Feeds?

While it seems has overstepped the boundary when it comes to privacy, they may be doing IP Camera users a favour in the long run. Their site is bringing lots of attention to the common issue of default passwords and this will hopefully serve as a wake up call for many. However, where is causing more harm than good is for the thousands of IP Camera users who will never hear about the site and will still have their footage and location broadcast for the world to see.

Bottom Line: If you have an IP Camera that still uses the default username and password, check out and prepare for a fright! The good news is that if you've seen the site, and read this blog, you're one of the lucky ones! Take note and make sure that by the end of today you have all your IP Cameras up to date with personal and unique login information. Otherwise your driveway, backyard, or even bedroom could be broadcast for all to see.

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