Why SECOR is so important

A Small Employer COR (SECOR) is issued to an employer whose audited health and safety management system meets or exceeds the standards that have been developed for the SECOR Program. A well-functioning system can demonstrate due diligence by the employer and result in reduced injuries, illnesses, and related costs.  This means cost savings for our clients.  Here's how it works.  

1.  We go through an audit.  This audit instrument is designed to determine whether the small employer has addressed basic aspects of a health and safety management system.  
2.  Once approved, our organization is held to an auditable standard and is revisited every three years.

SECOR is important to us (and our clients) for the following reasons:

1.  A company that invests in safety and standards is a company that is focused on long term sustainability.  We're not going anywhere.
2.  Investing in our employees means a decrease in attrition which means more experienced team members to deliver better user experience.
3.  Safety standards = less damage control.  Damage contol = higher costs.