Wireless Security Cameras Lead The Way for Home Surveillance

Overview: The smart device revolution has come to security cameras and a new breed of wireless and high-tech surveillance cameras are hitting the market. Among them are the Homeboy camera and most recently Netgear's Arlo camera. To find out more about these cameras and what they can do for you, read the blog below.

With IP Cameras, the surveillance world was given the ability to view and monitor their camera's footage from anywhere with Internet access and the right credentials. But a new wave of security cameras are starting to become available that take the Internet of things and smart home technology to another level. Let's take a closer look at one of these cameras, the Homeboy.

The Homeboy Security Camera

Homeboy was set up by founder Mark Richards after he had his house broken into for the third time. Instead of just buying a regular security camera, Richards took it upon himself to use his tech background to start a smart and wireless security camera company. His premise was that he wanted to create a camera system that allowed “team” surveillance, and by permitting multiple users to monitor Homeboy cameras via a smartphone app, or just the Internet, Richards achieved just that.

How Does The Homeboy Work?

There are a couple of features that make Homeboy cameras standout from the crowd.

  • It's battery powered, and needs charging every couple of months
  • It has a magnetic base that can be used to “stick” to anywhere in or outside your house
  • It's designed to be monitored by multiple users, such as your family or friends
  • It has a built-in motion sensor that will trigger an ear-bleeding siren when an intruder is detected
  • It has night vision

The Homeboy is small and portable and simply requires you to attach it to a surface using its magnetic base and position the camera in the desired direction. From then, you can hook your smartphone up to each camera to view your feed, and to stay up to date on alerts and intrusions. If you're going away on vacation, you could even add a nearby friend or family member to your monitoring group so there's always someone looking after your house.

What Are Some Of The Benefits of the Homeboy Camera?

Unlike some rivals, the Homeboy doesn't charge for the majority of its services and you can get services such as motion alerts with paying any extra. Additionally, the Homeboy doesn't require a separate network transmitter and can connect directly to your preexisting home network setup, which means that you have one less device to buy, install, and maintain.

Any Downsides?

The Homeboy is currently strongly marketed towards home owners and so it's not really optimized for businesses just yet. Also, certain features such as being able to change the camera's viewing angle remotely are not present and if you need very specific product abilities you may end up finding a more traditional IP Camera or similar setup more suitable. However, with the rate at which this type of technology is advancing, it's worth keeping an eye on Homebuy cameras as you never know what the next update may include.

Bottom Line: If you like what IP Cameras have brought to the surveillance camera world, then there's a good chance you'll love what Homeboy is doing. Even if you're not sure that the products available at the moment have the features you need to make them a practical choice, especially for more commercial security, the future of smart cameras certainly looks promising.

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