iBeacon Technology for Businesses in Calgary

You’ll see it everywhere – at grocery store lineups, on transit platforms, and at any hotel lobby – people using their cellphones. With online shopping continuing to be a juggernaut, businesses are utilizing iBeacon technology to connect with and to maintain relationships with consumers. At Cave Integration, we believe that communication tools like iBeacon and integrated devices at your small business give you a competitive edge in the Calgary market.

Apple is leading the way when it comes to indoor communications, but they are not the only game in town. The iBeacon technology is about to become a competitive market place, with companies like PayPal and Qualcomm rolling out iBeacon hardware. Currently, Apple doesn’t have a physical beacon that can be set up in your store; instead they are available on their iOS7 operating systems. Essentially Apple mobile devices have the ability to send and receive communications via your business. PayPal and Qualcomm’s hardware will be compatible with Apple devices, giving your small business the ability to connect with a wide range of consumers.

By using Bluetooth communications, iBeacons don’t drain battery power and have greater navigation abilities than GPS; however, these early generations of iBeacons do have a few limitations. To reach your customers, they need to have their Bluetooth turned on, along with location services for your app, and the settings on their phone need to accept your in-store notifications.

The retail advantages of installing iBeacon are well known, and now the technology is set to overhaul communications in the transportation industry, along with home automation. iBeacon will soon be utilized in airports and other large transportation hubs, sending notifications of gate changes, departure times and other information that can be sent directly to travellers. For home automation and the Internet of Things, iBeacons can act as sensors, for example, the moment you walk into a room, the iBeacon will turn the lights on or your automated blinds will open.

Every time we go to sci-fi movies, we often wonder why the technology we see on the big screen is still not a reality in our daily lives. Don’t hold your breath for flying cars; however, at Cave Integration, we will install technology for your small business that that will give you an edge in your industry.

From iBeacons to fully integrated boardrooms, Cave Integration in Calgary utilizes all the latest technology to make your business aspirations a success. Contact us today at 403-978-2580.