iBeacon Technology in Calgary

At Cave Integration in Calgary, we are always exploring the latest technological advancements in communication devices, to make memorable user experiences for your corporate conferences and events. One of the most anticipated, location-based services is the iBeacon. The iBeacon is still in the early generation stage; however, industry experts believe that it will evolve into a juggernaut for shopping, communications and networking.

We have all been hearing hype surrounding the iBeacon, but how does it work? Let’s break this down, starting with the logistics. The iBeacon is an extension of location services on mobile devices. Unlike regular location service apps on your cell phone, iBeacon uses Bluetooth technology and not GPS. The iBeacon is not exclusive to iOS devices (Apple); the system is compatible on Android devices 4.3 and above.

Now, let’s look at the actual function of the iBeacon. The apps on your phone listen for signals sent out from iBeacons, and through the Bluetooth connections, they respond to the signals when they are in close proximity. The best illustration of the iBeacon is with consumer shopping – that’s where the hype is centred. You’re shopping at Chinook Centre, and one of your favourite stores is sending a signal out into the mall, via their iBeacon. Since it’s a store that you frequent, you have their app downloaded onto your cell phone, which picks up the signal using Bluetooth. The message from the iBeacon alerts you to a deal or a sale currently taking place, and you head over to check it out. The future of the iBeacon and its potential with consumer shopping is also paving the way for purchasing goods with your cell phone.

Where GPS reaches its limitations, the iBeacon takes over! At Cave Integration, we believe that the iBeacon’s true capabilities could be unleashed with navigation for facilities and large conferences. The iBeacon can be used in large venues holding conferences and can help you navigate around an event and connect you with other attendees. Furthermore, the networking app LinkedIn is integrated with iBeacon, informing you who is at the same event, and giving you additional opportunities to expand your network. If you’re hosting the event, you can use the iBeacon to connect with all in attendance or target specific people. The superior accurate location services that the iBeacon provides can also map, in detail, large work sites in the oil and gas field, even in places where there are no Wi-Fi connections.

From iBeacons to fully integrated boardrooms, Cave Integration in Calgary utilizes all the latest technology to make your business aspirations a success. Contact us today at 403-978-2580.